About Us


Founded in 1984, we have grown into one of Taiwan's leading performance-knit fabric suppliers. Our goal of developing and supplying technologically advanced fabrics has allowed us to evolve into an international supplier, specializing in the latest techical sports, active and athleisure wear fabrics.

We originally started out as a supplier for polo shirt and fleece fabrics. However we have since expanded our boundaries and now specialize in supplying fabric for sports and activewear apparel. 

By 2005, we were one of the top ten fabric suppliers for many of the world's most popular sportswear brands due to our dedication, innovation, and creativity. 

Today we are able to provide just about any type of high quality knit fabric at your request. Everyday we strive to design innovative and high quality fabrics to supply the global market.


Our Mission

Here at United Berry, our highly dedicated team is passionate in providing great customer service and logistically providing orders in a timely manner. We want to put a smile on your face with our reliability and quick response times. Our goal is when you think of fabric mills with the ability to produce groundbreaking, durable, and fashionable sports and active wear, that you think of us here at United Berry.