Fabric Development

We challenge ourselves to continue to develop something new, innovative and suitable for the brands that we work with and the market we play in. Each season we develop hundreds of uniquely new fabrics from the ground-up through studying the latest fashion trends, listening closely to designers that we work with, as well as doing regular in-store visits to understand the latest and most popular on offer.

Like a great chef that need to pick the right ingredients, it all begins from selecting and customizing our fiber followed by how its spun or blended into various yarns. How can we make our materials more sustainable yet functional with an amazing hand are just some of the questions we ask ourself to begin our development.

One thing that have worked successfully for us has been working directly with designers and their sourcing team in understanding the fabrics they sought after and customizing specifically for them, whether its the overall aesthetics, hand-feel, or price.

Additionally, our in-house laboratory helps provide additional layer of quality assurance, so that all the fabrics that we present to you are commercially viable from the get-go.