Fabric Types

Let us know what you are after as our capabilities extends beyond what we listed below.

We strive to provide quality fabrics for our clients. One of our main strengths is directly working with our clients to design fabrics that meet their specifications, whether it be fabric composition, weight, color, or other technical aspects. Most importantly, to achieve t these goals while maintaining fabric quality, we rigorously test our fabrics in our in-house laboratory to ensure that the qualifications set by our clients are fully met.

Our available knitted fabric specs

  • Circular Knits (7-45 gauge)

  • Single (15-45 gauge)

  • Double (15-45 gauge)

  • Jacquard (18-32 gauge)

  • Rib (24-36 gauge)

  • Warp Knits (Tricot) (24-36-gauge)

Fabric Composition


  • Polyester or Recycled Polyester

  • Polyester/Cationic

  • Nylon or Recycled Nylon

  • Chief Value Cotton (CVC)

  • Polyester Cotton (T/C)


  • Merino/Recycled Polyester

  • TENCEL Lyocell/Recycled Polyester

  • TENCEL Modal/Recycled Polyester

  • Nylon/Cotton

  • Tri-Blends & More


Fabric Finishing

  • Prints: Sublimation, Wet, Foil, Digital

  • Brushed Fabric

  • Peached Fabric

  • Bonding

  • Neopreen

  • Ultra Sonic-Quilting